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quiet weekend
sat 14 feb 2009

A pretty good weekend going on here. Today was a postcard day. I had a couple PostCrossings to send, a couple of trades and my big monthly exchange. ha, I was printing up postcards until the afternoon!

And then I finished up my second crochet dish cloth. I think I love making dish cloths! I can finish one in a week: working just half an hour a day doesn't bother my hands or wrists too much. Only trouble is, I get bored of the colours of the string by the second day! ;)

And now I'm downloading the first MP3 I ever paid for. At 7megs, it's going to take about half an hour to get it on my poor dialup! I wish I could have bought the whole album because it's only 2$... But it would probably take days to download.

Anyway. This song. I was alone at work on Friday, everyone else having ditched. The Boss had some good 80's music playing on the Internet radio that they've got there. But when I sat down to the computers in the afternoon, I went looking for something else to listen to.

Under the "alternative" section I found this Women's Alternative station! Oh my Gosh! It was great, exactly the kind of stuff I like to hear! (And I hope I can find it again, someday, because I didn't really pay attention to the name of the station!)

But then I heard a woman singing an old Talk Talk song. Nobody has every heard of Talk Talk, but they had a couple good songs, "It's My Life" was the best. And here's No Doubt playing it!

So here I am downloading it.

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