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sat 16 may 2009

"I woke up this morning and I was not dead."

I did some crocheting and I printed up a bunch of postcards for my monthly exchange.

Then I went to the day job for a couple hours. I stood around in the sunshine too long and got sunburned again. Too bad I despise sun-block.

Came home and worked on my postcards some more. I got them done but then realized I didn't have enough 1¢ stamps. A curse on the price hike. And the Canada/Mexico stamps went from 72¢ to 75¢

Oh, and the international stamps went up 4¢... so now they are 98¢... except they aren't selling any 98¢ stamps.


Okay. Whatever.

I never wrote a "to do" list for this weekend... so, I can pretend that I'm getting most of my stuff done! :)

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