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thurs 23 apr 2009

Yesterday, I was trying to type up a blog entry about Earth Day... but all of my thinkings revolved around how much a failure Earth Day is.

Last year, I typed a little bit about how I feel about Earth Day, it's the very first entry on this page: April 2008

I continue to be highly frustrated at the lack of environmental actions...

Everyone thinks recycling is a good idea, but we still make and buy anything and everything plastic. The plastic blows down into the oceans, and how big is the Pacific Garbage Patch now?

Everyone thinks that using less fossil fuels is probably a good idea. But turning off our lights for an hour in the evening is a really big deal? And it takes way too much time to walk to the store on the corner, right?

Everyone thinks that cruelty to animals is wrong. And yet it's perfectly fine to torture and murder some cows and chickens and pigs for your meals. Even when it's an environmental disaster, every which way.

So, yeah, I am increasingly indifferent towards "Earth Day".

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