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tues 7 july 2009

One of my co-workers mentioned a book today, that she enjoyed as a child and happened to find online. I love ebooks, so of course I had to go looking for it. :)

The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley 1863, 274pgs, tags: "fairy tales" "chimney sweeps" "juvenile fiction"

It looks interesting and I have a fascination with water-based science fiction. So I grabbed it and fixed it up for reading on my Palm handheld.

And then I got sidetracked by this .EPUB file extension. Apparently it's all the rage for ebooks. Except my handheld can't read it. Supposedly MobiPocket will read it... but I really hate that program (because it does a very crappy job handling page numbers). And then I found a program which will convert from EPUB to PDB (an eReader file, the software I prefer for reading ebooks)... ABC Amber EPUB Converter (20$)

Okay, AND we're back from the sidetrack!

I used to read loads of books from Project Gutenberg. I love that web site. Free books! All of them! Yay.

Here are some good, random books...

  Some of Cory Doctorow's books. If you like modern fantasy. His most popular books are Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little Brother (not yet at Gutenberg). I enjoyed Little Brother, I've not read Down yet.

  Charles Darwin :) I have read all of Darwin's major works and I very much enjoy reading him. My favorite is The Voyage of the Beagle.

  Thoreau's Walden of course.

  And my absolute favorite find on Gutenberg... A.A. Milne's Not That It Matters. I have read this little book four or five times and it stays on my handheld for all time! Almost every single essay amuses me and makes me smile. The Goldfish essay is the one I remember best, and it makes me grin just thinking about it. In fact, it may be time to re-read! :)

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