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fri 11 sept 2009

pretty things

I was late getting out of work today. Crisis right at the time I was leaving. of course, "crisis" was noticed by me, therefore "crisis" had to be taken care of by me.

And, yes, I saved the warehouse from being blown up.


So everyone in North America who likes Copic markers better be thanking me!

Late getting to the garden for the rendezvous with Significant Other, he met me at the gate with bad news. the Chinese Balsam, which has been blooming wonderfully since we got it at Saturday Market in June, is going to perish. The weeds had been holding it up, and it's been droopy since we cleared them out. It was crazy top heavy with blooms. And finally the stem just broke.

oh well. I'm wondering about the seed pods. And I'm definitely going to buy another next year, if I see it again at the Market.

In the meanwhile, the cosmos are blooming. (That's the photo above.) And SO's cherry tomato plant has millions of little tomatoes. They are about the size of big marbles, and they are so yummy.

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