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fri 3 july 2009

*deep breath* okay. I am still annoyed that my holiday got ruined. And never mind that it's the hottest day of the year, and I worked in an un- air conditioned warehouse. Just never mind, okay.

Because it is now the weekend, and I absolutely have to make the most of it.

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Well. First I had to get distracted at GoodReads... It's been a few months since I've updated the books I've read. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I've not read many books since the end of March, so this was not a very time consuming distraction.

And then I made a couple of postcards. I still have a good handful of return postcards to send out. Plus, I am Almost at 100 sent postcards at my PostCrossing! yay.

And now! What's next?! There's just so many projects calling to me!


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