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tues 8 sept 2009

cucs in various stages

I took this photo of our happy cucumber plant at the end of august. This is the cucumber plant I found when I started clearing out the weeds... since it had grown UP, and the weeds were actually holding it up, I decided to put it in our extra tomato cage. And it has done really well, as you can see.

I did find two more cucumber plants in the weeds... but they are a little bit sad that they have to live on the ground.

I very much like cucumbers... but there are only so many cucumber sandwiches you can eat, to be honest. :) So I'm glad we only have a couple plants growing.

cute green tomatoes

While I was taking pictures of the water on Significant Other's green tomatoes... I had an epiphany: I suddenly realized that I really, really loved taking photos of green tomatoes.

I was thinking about how the shadowed leaves looked so interesting, and about the knobby stems, and the water drops were catching bits of the blue sky.

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