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not recycling computers
sat 17 oct 2009

Okay, one more thing about computers, and then I'm done. This time I really swear! ;)

Today I found out what is so wrong about the computer industry. so very wrong. and horribly Not environmental. Zero backwards compatibility with the old hardware. BAH!

I had re-arranged cables and power cords this morning. took poor old Tiny out of the picture and put Sheep in his permanent home.

oh Sheep.

I had everything perfect, and then I went to plug in my printer. um... there is not a parallel port on Sheep. crap. I can't plug in my printer? that's just crazy! ... hm. Maybe I can yank out the parallel port in Tiny? (more re-arranging) and, no: Tiny's port is welded to the motherboard.

Okay. fine.

Next up, the Wacom graphics tablet. oh, hey, what a surprise, same problem... no serial port this time! just great. Well, at least I know my handheld dock is a USB...

Got the handheld all set up, the software loaded. And tried to do a Synch... and WHY is nothing happening? (look it up) oh yeah, the hotsynch software has updates for 32bit Vista. But not 64bit Vista with dual CPUs.

oh, Sheep.

So. I'll have to keep Tiny to have a backup for my handheld.

For the printer and graphic tablet, I'm going to get some adaptor cables. And pray a lot.

Because there is no way I am going to buy a new printer, graphics tablet or handheld. I love the things I have. Plus they all work perfectly. (well, the handheld could use a new battery.) Plus I use these things on a regular basis!

*shakes head* A curse on you, computer industry!

comptuer area

The "new" computer area. Tiny on top of Sheep. (Need to set up a room fan for Tiny, the CPU fan died a long time ago and he's probably overheating right now!) Yep, working both computers: the mouse is to Sheep (monitor on right), the track ball to Tiny (small monitor on left) and Tiny's keyboard is (overexposed) on the left.

the grid on the floor (in front of the bass speaker) is to keep things Boo friendly... She loves to chew on plastic, and I'm sure those power cords would fascinate her, if she could just get to them!

Out of the picture, to the left is my precious printer. To the right are my iris drawers filled with various papers. and junk.

It probably looks pretty intense, especially considering the lack of real furniture! (yep, those are real live boxes holding everything off the floor!) But, this is how I roll! *grins*

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