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tue 14 apr 2009

some things I do, that I am proud of...

  I'm vegan!

  I make homemade bread in the bread machine! and I take my lunch to work every day.

  I have worms to compost almost all of our organic trash!

  I am providing a home for Twitch and Boo, who had languished for months at the humane society. (okay, maybe not "languished", but it _was_ months and months!)

  I do not buy chopped-up-dead-tree bedding for them, instead I shred newspapers.

  I hope to be proud of my biking, very soon. (I've not ridden the new bike anywhere yet!) But I am proud of the fact that my car stays mostly parked. Walking to work, occasionally stopping at the store on the way home, is very good.

  My crafty pursuits lately: the postcards and the crocheting and my homemade paper journals.

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