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another blogging month
wed 1 july 2009

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In a moment of crazy insanity, I signed up at NaBloPoMo for a month of daily blogging. I don't even know what I was Thinking! I have so many projects going on...

I have been working really hard on my postcards and my current crocheting project. The crocheting will possibly be done in a week and a half. The postcards are neverending.

Last few days I've been doing some doodles. I got this book, Keys to Drawing with Imagination, and instead of just reading it, I decided to actually do all the exercises. And the first exercise is to do six doodles. So I'm doodling.

National Blog Posting Month

Along with that, I have some "homework". Actually quite a lot of homework. Which I'll type about later.

Some good books I'm reading. Working on my paper journal.

Significant Other has been taking good care of our garden, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about!

And not to mention the chores I've let build up.

And now I have to type every day as well!

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