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BTT, Recent Enjoyable (not)
thurs 17 sept 2009

Booking Through Thursday meme
Recent Enjoyable

What's the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you've read recently?

Yeah, unfortunately, I have to warp this Booking Through Thursday to complain about a book that I recently finished.

Palimpsest, by Catherynne M. Valente

This is the author of The Orphan's Tales... which I loved and read again as soon as I finished the first read. I knew any other thing Valente wrote could not be as good as Tales. I knew. And yet, I hoped.

The book was okay, definitely Not enjoyable tho.

I just... I really wanted the magic and delight that was part of Orphan's Tales.

But... eh. Too much urban fantasy I guess, and Orphan's Tales notwithstanding, I'm not a fan of fantasy.

And the book I'm currently reading, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is also a disappointment. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but so far, I'm mostly just annoyed at the slightly evil main character.

Sighs. I have a book I think I'll love... The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson. I've been keeping it back, waiting for something special maybe, or perhaps just enjoying the anticipation. I think Johnson may be my new favorite author, and the Fox Woman book will decide that.

Granted, that book is fantasy as well.

heh, maybe I should go back to my science fiction.

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