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fri 16 Jan 2009

I had already left work this afternoon, and was halfway down the sidewalk, when they called me back... to tell me that they wanted to hire me on!! Yay Me! I won't be a "temp" for very much longer!

I am thrilled to pieces. Well, with minor reservations... I probably won't get health insurance, because the job is just part time. And paying back that credit card bill with all the xmas presents will take a good long while, since the part-time-ness just barely covers my month to month bills.

But that's all fine. I am so glad to be working fewer hours. And to Walk to work. And to have work that is not soul-deadening.

And, plus, one of my co-workers is going to be on the TV! We got to watch the show this morning. It's one of those creative, how-to-make-and-draw-cool-things shows on PBS. I don't know when it will air (and obviously, I missed the name of the show), and after that, the video clip will be on the web site for all to see. I'll try to remember to link it.

The funny thing was, in the segment... since it's PBS, she was not allowed to say the brand name of our stuff. And it's pretty obvious, "no, it's only these special markers, that can do this awesome thing..."

Laughs. so yeah. My day job -- currently temp but in a couple weeks permanent -- is to fill orders for these artist's markers and box them up to ship. They are Special Markers, ya know?! ;)

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