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A Day Off
fri 20 nov 2009

Yep, decided to skip out of work today. And I really meant to start my long weekend with some serious productivity...

Which hasn't happened yet. *rolls eyes at self* Didn't sleep well last night, so woke up Very late and was mostly brain dead anyway for all the morning.

Should'a just stayed in bed, I guess. ;) But I did get some of my crocheting done, and this makes me happy.

I don't want to show exactly what I'm doing: These are xmas gifts and this is the World Wide Web. But I am sooo excited about this one scarf that I've designed. I got the graph paper out and everything and it is going to look Awesome!

Well, anyway. I'll get some "work in progress" photos and after xmas I'll have a post showing my awesome-ness!

I subscribe to The Artists Magazine and the Artists Network they are part of has a pretty good web site.

Free wallpapers here: Fine Art Desktop Wallpaper (and access to more, when you sign up for their newsletters). The paintings in the Artists Mag section include an owl and flying geese. :)

In the Pastel Journal there's an artist, Frederick Somers whose autumn leaves in the water are just lovely! The subject is beautiful to me and the colours.

In the Watercolor Artist section, I really like Susan Abbott's painting, "Paper Whites". It's mostly the subject matter that appeals to me on this painting (and the others in her series). The living plants, the stamps and airmail envelopes, tarot cards, fruits and tea, an open book. It just seems like these would be wonderful things to have strewn across your art desk!!

Below is a widget which shows some of the free wallpapers you can get at the Artists Network, Wallpaper page

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