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sun 19 july 2009

Yay, I finally finished the dog blanket that I made for the   Snuggles Project. Actually, it took me so long that Significant Other couldn't remember the project name and he "renamed" my blanket the Snuggy! haha!

piggies and Pepé the pound puppy

Huge! It's 3feet x 3feet 8inches.

It was supposed to only take a month. but then my mom visited in that month. and then I just got lazy. :) So it actually took 8 weeks, a total of 22 hours working time.

My first go at adding colour... the zig-zag didn't zig very much but now I know better for the next one! And I think there's probably a better way to switch colours, to make the transition smoother... I'll have to look that up.

Twitch thinks about eating celery, Boo talks to Pepé

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