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Happy Friday
fri 1 may 2009

Wow, what a great day!

At the day job, they had a pizza party for lunch. And they ordered me a vege pizza with no cheese! :) The day was nice enough that we got to eat outside. And a good, happy time was had by all!

After work, Significant Other met me at our community garden plot (him driving from home and me biking from work). I was there for moral support, mostly just watching SO take out weeds. :)

Next time we do that, tho, I'll be sure to bring a Clif bar or something to munch on. I usually get dinner right after work, and it's surprising how quickly I get grumpy when I'm starving to death! ;|

Anyway, SO got a lot done in the garden...

half a garden

And I am very pleased about that! We have a good collection of stuff to plant, if we ever actually get to that point! ha.

And now it's the weekend. I brought home a good handful of new markers from the day job! I am terribly excited about playing with them!

And my crochet project is slowly but surely getting bigger. A couple new books to read. Some photography to play with. My April paper journal to finish and bind up.

National Blog Posting Month in MAY

And the continuing blogging, of course. I don't know: I feel a little bit crazy to do two months in a row of daily blogging. But I've really been enjoying typing here, most days. So I'm going to keep going.

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