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fri 29 may 2009

My web host sends out a newsletter sometimes. And I quote:

Finally, we no longer provide hosting services for vegans.

Guess I'm looking for a new host. ;) ...Yeah, I'm kidding. I love my host... even tho they don't understand us vegans!

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

I finally got started on my next crocheting project last night, so now I should stop babbling about it here. I don't know why I have to turn it over in my head for days on end!

Slowly but surely I am turning everyone at work into PostCrossers. Now two other people have PostCrossing accounts. Oh yes, postcards everywhere!

I have been considering my drawing, uh, problem.

See the thing is: I can draw... I just don't. I keep trying to set myself up to draw on a regular basis... I've said I'm going to have a Drawing Month, several times this year, and it always fizzles out after a week or so of daily drawings.

I just can't figure out how to motivate myself. Because I do like to look at the drawings I've made! I want to make more! It's just so much work, to actually draw them!


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