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sun 24 may 2009

Significant Other and I biked over to the garden yesterday. SO just recently acquired his bike and it was his first ride over there!

It ended up that we did not have to go to the mediation... the problem that our plot neighbors had was corrected. I'm glad everything got worked out. And I'm also glad that I did not have to witness any angry gardeners...

Gardening is a stress reliever, right? But maybe the hard core gardeners get kind of rabid! *wink*

Anyway. SO is still working hard to clear out our weeds. We're down to a patch about 10x12 feet, maybe. The weeds are Very established at this point so it's seriously hard work to take them out of the ground!

beautiful weeds

And I worked on the weeds that were coming back in the areas SO had already cleared. Much easier work when they're little like that. (Lesson learned for next year!)

And we planted a few rows of peas. The other things we planted -- garlic starts, green onion bulbs, and a Beneficial Bug Seed Mix -- are not really doing anything. It's stopped raining, so we'll have to start watering if anything's going to grow. Besides the weeds that is! :)

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