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another flower lesson
fri 18 sept 2009

Okay people. Morning Glories and Marigolds. They both start with "m" right... but very different flowers!

Morning Glory

This is one of the Morning Glories that was growing on the compost pile outside the community garden. This is one of the more vivid varieties. The normal morning glories have blooms about the size of a quarter that are white or a very pale pink.

Usually morning glories are weeds, and the little white ones have definitely put their tendrils around all of our plants in the garden.

To remember Morning Glories, the key word is "morning". See how delicate this flower looks? Morning Glories usually open up in the morning and close their flowers in the afternoon to protect themselves from the sun. That's not always true here in Oregon... Except on hot days, the Morning Glories stay open all day!


Back to the Marigolds. Key word here is "gold". Marigolds are yellow or orange or some combination thereof. Gold, right? easy to remember.

Today, From the Copic Warehouse....
I got in a huge row with my boss.

One of our markers is "V-05 Marigold". Marigold. Except the "v" stands for violet and the "05" means it's a bright, medium colour. So. Bright medium violet... Is named "Marigold". A flower that is yellow and orange.

I have mentioned how crazy this is several times at work. And I got into it with the boss this afternoon. He was saying that marigolds are purple in Japan (where our markers are made). And I'm saying marigolds are yellow and orange all over the world.

Of course, I'm right. But the discussion went on and on and he would just not give up his purple position... it eventually lead to me punching him, and him firing me, and then the discussion was over.

;) *laughs*

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