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thurs 2 apr 2009

My current crochet project is a Snuggle!

  Snuggles Project
(They've not updated their website in years, but the project itself is active.)

Snuggles are security blankets for shelter animals. You make a little blanket, send it to a participating shelter, and they give it to one of the cats or dogs, and the kitty or doggy gets to lie on a blanket instead of cold concrete or steel.

So, YAY. I am so happy that I can crochet for an animal charity.

I just kind of jumped into my Snuggle project. I designed the little blanket, kind of based on the scarf that I want to make people for xmas. And since I wanted to use the eco-cotton string, which is not as fat as the other string I used (for the dishcloths), I'm using a smaller crochet hook.

I just didn't realize it would take soooooooo much longer with the small hook! I estimate that it will take me a month to finish this 18 inch square cat blanket. In my wanderings, I have recently discovered it normally takes a person two or three hours to finish their cat blankets!

laughs. oh well! I'll figure it out eventually.

I've also learned that you can crochet with two strings at the same time, to give the thing some more bulk. I'm going to try that next, I think.

But I've still got a week or so to go before my first Snuggle is done. I really love the colour of the string I'm using, it's dark blue with strands of purple and dark green. I'll get some pictures when it's done!

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