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wed 9 sept 2009

My Profile at PostCrossing

Today is my one year anniversary with PostCrossing. As of today, I've sent 126 postcards through the site and received 116.

Along with the postcards I get from my monthly exchange, the stack of the postcards I've gotten in the mail this year is three inches high (about 8cm).

I can have 10 postcards traveling through PostCrossing right now. (You start out with 5 traveling, and it slowly builds as you send out more postcards.) But ten is a bit more than I can handle. I send out about 4 or 6 postcards every weekend, maybe one or two during the week if I feel like it. And, of course, I recieve approximately that many during the week as well.

I enjoy making my postcards, and I always get terribly disappointed when someone's profile says "no handmade postcards". I do have a handful of store bought pcs to send to these annoying people. But they are missing out on my brilliant photography.


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