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fri 16 oct 2009

Nothing too exciting happening around here. The new computer Sheep has been downloading updates for it's operating system all week. And we're getting the last of the updates right now.

I still have a ton of files to move over from the old computer. And also a ton of programs to install. And I still need to get my printer and handheld junk hooked up.

A project for the weekend.

I think once I'm done with all the file moving, I'm going to take the old computer (Tiny) to the recycling center down the road (minus the hard drive). And while I'm at it, I'll also rip out the hard drives out of Fiaso II, and recycle it as well.

Fiasco II has been dead for a good long while (the reason we got Tiny)... Fiasco completely burnt out: I'm not sure if it was the motherboard or the power source. I was going to experiment, and find out exactly what the problem is...

But I'm just not interested in building computers any more. These days, I just want a computer that works. And, while a clean install will always delight me, rebuilding the file system and your program preferences really is a lot of work.

After Tiny and Fiasco II are gone, I'll be down to two computers. My other one is Temperamental, he's ancient: I think the CPU is 150meg. heh, we really have come a long way: Sheep is a dual CPU, each 2.6gigs.

I still need to work on my Significant Other's new computer as well. (and yes, after Tiny and Fiasco II are gone, there will still be four computers in the house!)

And... I swear... As soon as I get the new computer all hooked in this weekend, I will start typing about something else! The computer stuff is encompassing my brain at the moment, but I do realize it's not the most interesting stuff to read about! :)

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