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tues 1 sept 2009

Blog Posting Month

Okay. Here I am posting. And there I am, signed up for a Blog Posting Month. But I'm still not sure if I'm going do it.

I'm just going to plug along until I can figure out whether I want to blog daily or not.

So anyway. Here's what I may or may not be typing about this month:

  The "weeds" in our garden.

  New crocheting projects, including Snuggles and xmas presents.

  New paper journal format?

  Oh, hey, my PostCrossing anniversary is coming up. :)

  Been thinking about making something or other in my Joy of Vegan Baking cookbook.

  I took a few photos of sunflowers during August.

  Nothing but sunflowers. I now love sunflowers.

  Uh oh. The sunflowers have been regulated into the "weed" category. Grrr.

  Um. And probably a bunch of blog posts that are totally boring and lacking inspiration just like this one.

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