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mon 25 may 2009

Crocheted Market Bag

Yay, I finished the crocheted bag I was making to hold my string!

It took 11 hours of crocheting which I spread out over one month. Because of my carpal tunnel, I just have to accept that I am a very slow crocheter!

I was so excited that I had finished something, that I decided to whip up a quick dish cloth. And I suddenly realized that my crocheting is getting faster!!

The dish cloths that I did in february took me 2.5 hours... but this one I finished in 1hour 40mins!! yay! It's also a bit bigger than my first dish cloths, which means my stitches are getting a bit more relaxed. Which is a very good thing.

So anyway. When I went to put my string into my new bag... I discovered a serious lack of string. A couple rolls of the too-thin eco-cotton are not going to get any projects complete!

So, I need to get some more string. And also figure out what to do with it. I really should get started on xmas scarves... but I'd really rather work on some more   Snuggles!

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