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mon 6 july 2009

Significant Other and I went down to the garden yesterday, but I forgot to bring my camera. So you'll just have to believe me when I say my Tiger Eye flower looks incredible, with five or six blooms. heck, maybe more.

SO is very good about going down to the garden every day to water the plants. Except over the weekend, we got lazy and didn't go on friday or saturday. With the stupid heat wave we were in (93°F / 34°C, bleh!) I was worried that all the plants would be droopy and dying.

But they were all perfectly fine. Either they have good roots or all the weeds protected them from the evil sun. :) ha.

One of our tomato plants has died: the Oregon Spring tomato we got at Saturday Market. But still there are five others, and the Cherry tomato plant has several tiny tomatoes growing on it. Yay.

Each of the two strawberry plants has a single blossom. :) The Cilantro is blooming, so hopefully we will have loads of little cilantros next year. Four cucumber plants and two butternut squashes are still small but busy growing.

None of the broccolis came up, neither did the green onions, and the garlic starts have withered away. But my wild flowers are looking lovely... all kinds of flowers and I don't even know what they are!

I do think we have several (volunteer) sunflowers growing. This makes me very happy, but SO wonders why he has to water "weeds". ha, I think our weeds are the best.

Nobody has weeds like we do, that's for sure. laughs.

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