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tues 5 may 2009

At the day job, we often listen to music. People bring in their own cds or we listen to the Internet radio stations. We've also got this program where you type in the group you want to hear, and it puts together a whole set of different songs and artists based on your one selection.

So far I've chosen Loreena McKennitt... Nice relaxing morning music... There's some Enya and other New Agey music. but not everyone likes it, and in fact I got teased about it! *laughs*

And I suggested Angels and Airwaves a couple weeks ago. And that has been played several times. eh, it's a good mix, but I don't really know who plays any of the other songs.

Today I suggested Garbage.

And wow! the mix of songs that came up was absolutely brilliant. There was some Smashing Pumpkins and some NIN and some No Doubt and some Cranberries. And other great random songs.

The 90's were good, right. But then the radio got stolen out of my car, and I never got it replaced. So I don't really listen to the radio anymore. So I haven't really discovered any new groups that I like.

And Garbage isn't making any new songs.

Evanescence was the last music that I bought (that was a new group for me). And I think I first heard that group on the radio in Significant Other's vehicle.

Anyway, I think I am sad that I don't have any new music that I really love.

But at least I can re-discover old music that makes me happy! :)

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