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fri 22 may 2009

It has been a crazy busy week... And my brain just hasn't been letting me get enough sleep! I'm completely exhausted.

And then my Significant Other wouldn't even let me take a nap this evening! heh... it was a good thing: I would have slept until tomorrow noon and would have felt bad about missing my daily blog entry. ;)

The long weekend will used for catching up... on sleep and on my projects.

(And not to mention some web surfing, as well.)

But yeah. Got drawings to do, copic blendings to practice. I got bumped up to the next level in PostCrossing while I was away this week. I've got just a couple hours of work on the bag I'm crocheting and it'll be finished.

We have to go to a mediation at our community garden tomorrow morning... Our garden plot neighbors are having a problem, but not with us. We are only marginally involved, so it should be interesting.


Oh, hey! The back of my head is on the Internet! *laughs*

I Like Markers: Portland Certification Photos
The first photo is of Kris... look at her brilliant purple to green marker blends she's working on!! And I was sitting next to her, looking towards the front of the room. "Witchy Hair"! :)

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