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weekend over
sun 15 mar 2009

A bit of relaxing, and I am pretty sure I can take on the World... For the next five days or six days.

I might have to do something drastic for my poor abused feet, tho. They were in such agony last week, that I actually drove to work a couple days. *ashamed* Standing for 7 hours on concrete is one thing, but walking that mile to work, and then back home, is just too much.

I'm thinking about getting a bike. But I don't know the first thing about it, so I'll probably procrastinate until I pound my feet into little nubs. ;)

The book that I read this weekend fascinated me!

Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future

I probably shouldn't read things that terrify me... But I figure global warming is the least of our problems. It will, of course, eventually kill us all in the biggest mass extinction ever. But the year 2100 -- when CO2 levels are over 1100 parts per million and the oceans have risen a meter or two and most of the species of the world are extinct -- is pretty far away. We still have a couple decent decades to go before things start getting really rough due to CO2.

Anyway. I was fascinated. After explaining how the different mass extinctions happened, the last half of the book talks about what we're in for. It really will be terrifying.

When the book was written in 2006, CO2 levels were about 380 parts per million. And the author thought that if we could just keep it under 400 parts per million, we'd be okay...

Current CO2 Level in the Earth's Atmosphere

Interesting, huh?

Most online sources say the upper limit should only be 350 parts per million. We've been over 350ppm since 1987.


Be environmental, but enjoy your life while civilization lasts!

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