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wed 2 sept 2009

I had bought some stuff from Vegan Essentials that arrived yesterday. It was a bunch of lotion and girly stuff... but I don't buy that kind of stuff very often -- it was a year and a half ago that I bought my last bottle of moisturizer -- so I gave myself permission to be happy with my silly girly stuff.

Even tho the androgynous side of me had to cringe a bit. :)

I got some lavender lotion (my standard scent) and some almond lotion (something new and different). A random bottle of shampoo, I just couldn't decide which to get, so it's Asian pear/red tea. And I got apricot scrub, which was just heavenly. I can't wait to treat myself to a full body scrub down. Maybe this weekend.

I also got two notebooks, the paper is made out of sugar cane. I was delighted to see paper at my vegan store, and I was intrigued about the sugar cane.

I haven't tried them out yet. The paper is on the thin side tho, plus it's lined. and I was a bit disappointed about that. But the little notebook is so little it's cute and it makes me smile. So I'll probably use it eventually. For something.

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