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weekend and garden
sun 21 june 2009

Yesterday, in my postcard excitement, I thought I would start with a list of all the postcards I needed to make and send out. And the list grew to 26. And all of a sudden, I was not excited about making postcards: now it seems more like work!

ha. Instead, I relaxed most of the saturday... reading magazines, doing backend web site stuff, and napping. And today has gone about the same!

tiger eye in our garden

This is the tiger eye flower that we got at Saturday Market on 6 june... I just love how happy it is!

chinese balsam with light pink camelia flowers

My mom bought this flower for me at Saturday Market. It's a Chinese Balsam with camelia flowers. (There was a Chinese Balsam with snap dragon type flowers, too.) I hope it lives!

We are now up to six different kinds of tomato plants in the garden. *rolls eyes* I don't even like tomatoes that much, but Significant Other just wanted to plant them! ;)

Some of our new plants were donated to our community garden by a local wholesale nursery, Log House Plants. Yay: thank you for the free tomato plants! Also got a cucumber and a cilantro. :) Check out their newsletter... colourful and informative, I've already learned things. Like you can eat kale flower buds like broccoli!

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