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sun 15 feb 2009

Yesterday, working on my computer, making all those postcards, it became extremely clear to me that I need a new computer.

My wonderful Significant Other got this computer for me. I picked it out because it was such a good deal... a pre-owned computer that had some RAM problems. Unfortunately, the problem with the RAM was actually a motherboard problem. Unfixable.

For day to day surfing, the computer is fine. But once I open up Paint Shop Pro to do some graphic work, I start adding on the layers and the computer is slow and then the virtual memory throws a fit at which point I have to shut down and reboot, which is a 30 minute process because of the memory thing. ack!

So, I want a new computer. And I want to upgrade some of my software. And I'll have to get a new operating system.

Looks pretty pricey, doesn't it. Yeah, I'll have to see how the part-time-ness at the day job goes... it may take a good long while to save up the money!

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