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wed 22 july 2009

I have been having fun with my new markers and glitter pens in my paper journal.

I used to write in my journal every day, without fail. But this year, it's gotten a bit haphazard, maybe only three or four days a week. eh. I'm trying to focus a bit more on it.

journal page

I've been putting a quick doodle at the top of my pages with my copics... The wides are especially fun to play with. When I got my free one (from my Copic Certification in may) I used it to draw lines on my blank white paper. Four or five stripes across the paper... and I ran out of ink in about a month! ha.

So, I'm a bit conserative with my three new ones! Thus, just the design at the top!

journal page

The three wide markers I have are B24 Sky Blue, G21 some kind of green, maybe Willow? and YR04 some kind of orange. Um, yeah. You'd think I would at least know the colours of the markers that I have... but no... There are 344 colours, right, I can't be expected to have all the names memorized!

Anyway, I'm drawing on green paper, so the exact colour doesn't matter!

And I've been writing with my new glitter pens. The glitter doesn't scan of course. But the wavy page was written in Pitch Black glitter and the date on the plaid page is in Chocolate glitter.

Yay glitter. It makes me happy looking at it! :)

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