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wed 4 nov 2009

  I saw a sun dog today. I was taking out the recycling at the day job and when I got back in, I told everyone in the building and we all went out to look at it! :) One person didn't know what a sun dog was. Another person said a sun dog preceeds cold weather. hm - we've got rain in the forecast, and a bit warmer temps for tomorrow.

  One time one of the temps came up to me and said, "so you're vegan." "Yep." "So how's that working out for you?" he asked. While I was saying "Great!" my friend behind me was saying "oh, she loves it!"

That moment made me incredibly happy... knowing that my enthusiasm for veganism shows through so well. Yay! :)

  I've not picked up my camera in days. I was thinking I should get a small, very cheap digital that I can carry around with me all the time. Photo opportunites always present themselves when I don't have my cam.

Journal Keepers should always have a notebook and pen with them and Photographers should always have a camera on them. I am both and I do neither! ha.

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