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wed 27 may 2009

  I make my bed every day. I kind of get annoyed that I obsess about making my bed every day.

  I brush my teeth every morning and every night. I do not get annoyed about brushing my teeth. I love to brush my teeth!

  I like to walk to work. But I'd much rather bike home because it's so much faster! eh.

  I eat pasta with miso Every Single Day. I just can't get enough of my pasta miso.

  I would really like to draw or make something new for my site design. I am tired of rainbow elephants. I think I want frogs. But I'm lazy.

  The lupine in the tiny back garden is blooming like crazy! I like to look at it.

  White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is my new favorite flavor of Clif bar... introduced by my supervisor at the day job!

  I have been trying to get back into paper journaling because it's been rather hit or miss lately, and lots of miss. But I start by writing "why am I doing this?" ha.

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