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fri 24 apr 2009

A list of some of the creatures I see, walking to and from work!

  Mallard Ducks! I walk for a short bit along the creek near my home.

  Eurasian Wigeons. um, I think. There's just a boy and a girl hanging out in the creek. They are smaller than the Mallards, the boy has a rusty red head and a white line on his shoulder. the girl is just brown.

  One morning I saw a heron... she was fishing for some breakfast, but she missed. heh.

  When the sidewalk is wet, I see worms, snails and a slug. I do not step on them. Occasionally I will move a worm or two back into the grass. Because I love worms!

  Nutria. I think these guys are preciously cute, but everyone complains that they are "vicious". Apparently there's a 10$ bounty on their poor little heads. An invasive species.

  Barn Swallows. I enjoy their twittering voices.

  Crows. I always see crows!

  And Squirrels, fed by our neighbor.

  Some kind of little blackish bird I can't identify! ha, maybe a grackle. I keep looking for them in my field guide but nobody really matches up!

  myriad little birds that I can hear but not see, in the mornings.

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