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community garden
sat 25 apr 2009

Managed to get out to our Community Garden plot today... Here's what the big pile of wild plants looks like:

wild garden

All of the neighboring plots are all nice brown dirt with nice rows of little growing things.

Our plot is all over grown, with trash and rock piles and stupid bamboo sticks laying about. sighs. Should have started earlier, thats for sure, the "weeds" would not have been so bad. The trash and junk was left by the former occupant, and I don't know what we're supposed to do with it!

Oh well. Significant Other "broke ground" and started digging up the plants in one corner. And I mostly just watched him. It's hard work! And I didn't feel the need to exert myself since I have a day job that requires the use of my hands and heavy lifting! heh.

Anyway. The plot is 20x30 feet, and SO dug up about a 10x10 section. We brought a few seeds to plant, but we hadn't removed any of the weeds. And I wanted to leave before either of us hurt ourselves!!

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