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sat 10 oct 2009

Still not computing on the new computer yet. It's just so tedious, setting up a new computer.

Re-arranging all the junk in my room, figuring out what all those dusty cables go to. Need to re-arrange my monitors, too, so I can have both computers running at the same time. Not that I really have room for two sets of keyboards and pointing devices. (Not even counting my third working computer Temperamental.)

The new computer was a demo at the store since 26 aug... 6.5 weeks: The new keyboard and mouse got hosed down with Lysol. And the new computer got restored to factory settings.

The new computer's name is Sheep.

Because it's all about the RAM.


My Significant Other also got a new computer. So I'll be doing all the same stuff, all over again for him. Tedious times two.

I think tomorrow we'll buy a new computer for Boo. And then the worms'll need a new computer. And then the plants. I'm debating about getting each leaf a new computer... the networking is going to be a nightmare.

Anyway. The factory restore went great on Sheep... I just love a clean install... and next I'll be hooking up some Internet. The thing will probably want to spend hours downloading updates. But that's okay, I guess. I can do some crocheting or something.

After that I'll be installing my programs. I am very much hoping that all of my regular programs work on the new operating systm. But I am surprisingly optimistic about this.

I do think that me and Sheep are going to get along just fine.

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