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sun 20 sept 2009

Today, instead of posting a picture that is missing something (like a Verdella the Vegan Dragon flying in the sky, suggested by Significant Other) I went looking for something interesting to type about.

I found That's my Answer. You are supposed to answer the most recent question and then ask another question for the next person to answer. But I'm all about warping memes, so I'm just going to answer some of Today's questions...

Besides yourself, do you have to get anyone else ready in the morning? How long does that take?

I get the guinea pigs some breakfast. This involves cutting up some tangerines and some carrots, and getting a bit of dried apple. I spend a little bit of time with them while I hand them their carrots. All told, around ten minutes.

If you had (or have) a PhD. what clever and creative field would it be in?

oooh, good question. I can't decide... too many interests... it was a problem the first time around in college as well. :)

Do you see your doctor annually, or do you put off going?

I don't have a doctor and have never had an annual exam. For my birth control, they force you to get an annual gyn exam... and I have managed to weasle my way into getting one every four or five years. laughs.

How many hours of sleep at night is enough to make you last the whole day

I need a good nine hours of sleep. But for the past few months I've had some pretty good insomnia. bleh.

Do you (or have you ever) played a musical instrument? If so, what is it? If not, what do you wish you could play?

I took some piano lessons when I was little, but I never learned how to read music. That is what keeps me from playing now, even tho I do own a keyboard.

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