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fri 6 feb 2009

Ad Free Blog

When advertisments started showing up on blogs, I was absolutely disgusted.

On sites that offer free services, like hotmail or yahoo, advertising is expected. But on blogs, the ads are a major distraction. I actually quit reading several blogs because they had ads. And today, in general, I do not read blogs with ads.

My brother, who owns several business websites, tried to convince me that the money is fantastic. Yes, my websites cost money, and sure, I've got enough readers to make the ads worthwhile...


This is MY space on the Internet. My domain, my place, my website, mine, mine, mine. Other people get to look at it, but these are my ideas, my words, my pictures and drawings, my thoughts, my feelings, my creations. My online journal.

I have paid for this space to be mine, and I OWN it. I take responsibility for it. I Make it mine.

Why would I Sell off a section of this space on the Internet that is entirely mine?? It's like selling your soul!

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