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wed 8 apr 2009

At the day job, they are finally getting around to setting me up with my own computer. Eventually, I will have to learn the new inventory system, bleh. But in the meantime, I am just printing out posters and other junk.

The new computers are Macs. And the last time I touched a product of Apple, I was in high school. And that was about... uh... oh my gods almost 20 years ago! jeez, I'm old! ;)

Anyway. I don't have any problems playing with computers. I'm not scared of pushing that button or clicking that thingee over there. But I'm sure if a Mac person were to watch me, they would think me extremely pathetic.

They tell me that Macs are so much more user friendly and I just have to think "more simple". or something.

But I've got a lifetime's experience with PCs. I know DOS, for pete's sake! Sweet TRS-DOS! and I've got a bit of Unix under my belt. remember vi? I do! And they want me to think more simple?! bahaha!

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