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sun 15 nov 2009

I suddenly seem to have an excess of eBooks...


I just finished the book Uglies last night before I went to sleep. I very much enjoyed it and was hoping that the place where I buy my eBooks, FictionWise, had the rest of the series.

Yep, all the way out to the fourth book, plus an "insiders guide". I bought the next two ebooks, Pretties and Specials, and put the fourth in my wish list.

also noticed I needed to renew my subscription to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction... I've been getting the digital version of this mag for the past year because the physical, dead tree version was taking up way, way too much space in our tiny townhouse!

I do love reading books on my handheld, but the physical space thing has become a rather important "feature"!

The other day, I was admiring a photo and commenting on a quote at my friend's blog. And then she had to tell me about this crazy fairy tale and then I had to remember that I love reading fairy tales.

Laughs. A little trip over to Project Gutenberg. And then I've downloaded a couple of Hans Christian Andersen books and I'm converting them to be pretty on my handheld. (The Ice-Maiden and Other Tales is the book with the Butterfly story in it.)

Project Gutenberg does offer many ebooks in other formats... I've tried the Mobipocket and the Plucker files. But my preferred reading program is eReader. I get the books from Project Gutenberg as a standard text file. And then I mark it up with some code -- giving it a title, a title page and marking where the chapters or stories begin so I can have a table of contents -- and then run that through a program called DropBook, which makes my text file (.PML) into a eReader file (.PDB).

The process is slightly tedious, marking up longer books especially. But I'm willing to do it because I hate Mobipocket and Plucker that much! ;) Or maybe I just love eReader that much!

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