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tues 12 may 2009

I've been thinking about how terribly random my avatars are.


This was my only avatar, for like ten years of Internetting. ha. But it's too small, most communities want bigger images and I was too lazy to create a new unicorn avatar. So, I started using different ones about a year ago...

blob, rampant

This is the avatar that I've got at my National Blog Posting Month profile. I made this when I got fascinated by heraldic words... this is my Rampant Blob.

reading under the tree

My avatar at PostCrossing. Just a random scan of a scribble in my journal.

Boo and Twitch on my first Snuggle

And this is my avatar at the Snuggles Project and Ravelry (both private groups). That's Boo and Twitch on the first (well, only) Snuggle I made.

Little bits of "me". I think I'd like a avatar with a frog. And one with a dragon. and one with a pig. and a chicken. Another unicorn one. etc.

I could post a different one with each of my blog entries.

... 'cause I always need one more project to work on!

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