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mon 5 Jan 2009

I managed to win a cute little mp3 player at one of my family's xmas games. I was fairly excited about it because I love random little gadgets, even tho I don't really listen to music anymore.

My grand plan was to get some library books on CD and rip them and put them on the mp3 player. That way I can do some extra "reading" while I walk to work.

But I haven't bothered to even see if the library has books on CD. 'Cause I'm lazy like that.

I did test my little player on some mp3s that I had on my handheld... (My handheld will play mp3s, but it no longer has the battery power to play for more than a couple minutes. heh, poor thing, I am also lazy about getting a new battery for it.)

And then I looked through Amazon, since I have a 5$ coupon for mp3s. I happily discovered they have over 600 free mp3s. After looking through through the first few pages, and tediously downloading a couple... I was sadly disapointed about the 600 free mp3s. It was all dance/dj/trance with a few jazz and a couple classical. humph, no "real" songs that I actually recognize.

So, until I get around to ripping some of my CDs, my playlist is currently...
Evanescence, "Bring me to life" and "Going Under"
Moby, "Porcelain"
Mythos, "November"
POD, "Sleeping Awake"
Rob Dougan, "Furious Angels"

Not very long, is it? And I forgot to grab the player this morning on my way to the day job, so I have no idea if the play time will even last the ~20 minute walk. :)

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