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sat 7 nov 2009

November 1 was World Vegan Day, which makes november World Vegan Month.

The word "vegan" was invented by Donald Watson... Here's the original newsletter: Vegan News No. 1 published in Nov 1944, thusly this is the 65th anniversary of the word "vegan".

Yay Vegan!

Random Vegan Links:

  Latest Episode of "Bones" was all AR/Vegan!
I don't watch much tv, but I do enjoy Bones... and this episode was actually pretty good. (link to watch it on Hulu)

  Best Broccoli Ever
Veganaise on broccoli is not a combo that I would think of. But it might actually be good!

  Taste Better
This site (currently not terribly active), and the sister site Vegan Porn (also the same), amuses me. I _highly_ recommend the newsletter... very thought-invoking. Possibly provoking as well. ;)


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