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sun 17 may 2009

It's been a lovely relaxing weekend. Well, except for the part where I had to work on saturday. And the other part where I ran out of stamps for my postcards!

heh. But it's okay. My Significant Other is going to fix the stamp problem. And the work wasn't too painful, not even the minor sunburn.

I am trying to get organized for my business trip on tuesday and wednesday. aka, my art trip!

It's my first ever business trip. Trying to figure out how dressy my clothes should be. Trying to figure out what art supplies to bring... Wish I could bring the markers I've already bought (I currently own 30) but I'd be devastated if I lost any! (they are expensive!!)

And how will I deal with being with my coworkers for days on end??! Will I be able to keep my annoyance at social situations in check? Or will I blow up, and never be able to work in this town again? ;)

What kind of vegan food will be available for me? I think Portland is the most vegan friendly town in the world, so it shouldn't be a problem. But I'm going to pack an extra sandwich and a bunch of Clif Bars, just in case!

And, most importantly ;) what about my daily blogging?!? I could get up early on tuesday and type up a quick entry... but I don't know what time I'll be back on Wed night. And to break up my ongoing bloggy joy here... disturbs me!

Well. We'll see how it goes!

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