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sun 11 Jan 2009

Another one of my goals for the year is to reconnect with my vegan-ness. I've been vegan for almost 5.5 years, and it's not that I'm in a rut -- well, maybe a little bit of a rut, but I'm just not all that adventurous when it comes to food!

I guess I just want to ... re-examine my options and thoughts. Or something.

Carol Adams

To that (approximate) end, I've started going through Carol Adams little book Meditations on the Inner Art of Vegetarianism. I'm ambivalent about it tho...

I've read the companion book, The Inner Art of Vegetarianism. It's one of those books where I loved the Idea, but the actual writing just did not resonate with me. Adams wants to incorporate "breath awareness, meditation, yoga, journaling, and dreamwork" with "vegetarianism" as a spiritual practice.

Of course, she means veganism. And that is just a minor pet peeve of mine!

The rest of it, except maybe the yoga, sounds fantastic to me. But her book just didn't inspire me. And I've read it several times, each time thinking "well, maybe I just wasn't ready to read it the first time," and each time being as disappointed as the last time I read it!

And, similarly, after 11 days of daily meditations, I am still not terribly interested in what she has to say.


I would design my own vegan meditation book, if I weren't so lazy. I'd call it, Think Vegan, 365 or something like that! And it wouldn't have yoga, but it would have art. Like doodles of animals and stuff.

And it would definitely have the journaling stuff. And little reminders to breathe and meditate and go out and hug a tree and walk barefoot in the grass.

A interesting snippet from today's meditation...

We may be firmly settled into a spiritual practice and yet resisting some aspects of change... Our spiritual path may be to enliven a veganism that we now take for granted. It may be to articulate connections we enact. Our spiritual path requires our attention.
Carol J. Adams

(and yes I changed her "vegetarianism" into "veganism" in the quote above. "Vegetarianism" is such a long, obnoxious word anyway! Plus, it's not what I do! I am Vegan!)

"articulate connections we enact"... Maybe that's what I want to focus on for the year. Maybe I don't talk about my vegan ways to others enough? I buy vegetables and random vegan things automatically, and I don't comment on the fact.


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