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wed 11 feb 2009

I believe in Doom!

I'm a doomer. You can go look it up on Wikipedia, Doomer, but it basically just means that I think that Civilization is going to crash. Probably peak oil will have something to do with it, leading to bird flu, and general death and destruction for humans.

And I think this will happen within my lifetime. And, actually, I've bumped up the timing... It'll probably be all over within ten years. If that.

Some people think that by helping the crash along with some destructive direct action, we can make things better for the survivors. Derrick Jensen likes to talk about taking out dams.

You know what? I am all for destructive direct action. I am not a pacifist. I go out of my way to not hurt people... by being vegan and in my day-to-day dealings. And I would go out of my way, in a violent way if I had to, to help those same human and non-human people.

I will not survive the crash of civilization. But I like to think that my willingness to fight for my beliefs will do some good at some point!

In the meantime, I am enjoying the luxuries of civilization. At the same time, I am as radically environmental as I can!

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