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sat 7 mar 2009

What a terrible week! The day job got tiresome. Some insomnia and I'm totally grumpy about being sleep deprived. Lack of sleep leads to low pain thresholds and my feet are killing me. I had to work this weekend... and I actually needed a longer weekend to get going on all my projects and chores!! And the time change makes my already short weekend one hour shorter.

&*%*&%$#*#() *spastic keyboard* blasted and worthless Daylight Savings Time, I hate it!


now that it is the weekend, I am excited about my projects... I stopped at the store on my walk home from work today and got some new colours of string. I've got enough to crochet a scarf or two now...

I was thinking that at my current crocheting rate, which is about one dish cloth a week, it might take me about two months to finish a scarf. My dish cloths are a bit over 6x6 inches, and two months of scarf would be about 4 feet. Is that long enough??

*looking at scarf directions* hm, finished size is 8x84 inches... oh my gosh, that's 7 feet! how am I ever supposed to get that done?!?

hm, well. I guess I just start on it. And maybe I'll get one of those Twilight Zone pocket watches where I can stop time so I can make scarves!

And I guess I did decide to make it another Drawing Month. "DrawMo": it's fun to say out loud. :)

So. I have been drawing! I've skipped one day due to exhaustion, but I'll pick it up by doing two drawings in a day, at some point.

And I'm hoping that March will be a better month for PostCrossing. Just look at my stats for February! That is one sad and pathetic dip in my graphic chart! ha.

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