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thurs 26 feb 2009

I was making my lunch last night and I was all "peanut butter and jelly? bah. boring!"

So I made it a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich!!

I am brilliant! It was Yummy!
It made my tummy ache all afternoon!!

haha. maybe I won't do that again.

half double dish cloths

These are all the dish cloths I've finished!

Never mind that curly thing on the left, there. That was my sad, sad attempt at the a-curséd Afghan stitch, which will never happen again ever.

The one with the white border is kinda cool, huh. I ran out of string on that one and had to go to the store to get a ball of something else to finish it. This store carried different brands of string and I discovered this "eco2cotton" blend, which is a pre-consumer recycled cotton. Unfortunately the blend part is polyester, which annoys me. eh.

and the dish cloth on the right is the one I did while I was sick. It's still attached to it's string because I couldn't find my scissors. ;) And having made two dish cloths out of that ball, there's a good bit left, but not enough to do another dish cloth. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of it.

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