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mon 26 Jan 2009

National Blog Posting Month, Feb 2009

I got an email from NaBloPoMo saying the theme for February is "Want". While I don't particularly care about their theme, the email itself got me thinking that I might want to do another month of daily blogging.

When I did daily blogging the first time, back in November, I was also doing a daily drawing. It made the blogging a bit easier: if I didn't have anything to type about, I could just upload one of my drawings and call it good.

But it was also quite a bit of work. And since I am working a couple more hours now (blah, even tho I'm desperate for the $), I'm not sure I can handle both blogging and drawing... but I still need something to take the pressure off typing every day...

And then I remembered, one of the people in my regular postcard group has started up a blog where she is posting a daily Photograph! She is taking photos every day for a full year, and it's really pretty interesting... 365 days photo challenge.

I'll just have to see how it all goes in Feb, with all my other projects (drawing, crocheting, postcards, letters, etc, and so on).

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