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sun 13 sept 2009

My latest newsletter tells me there are 102 days until xmas. Um. Yikes!

My goal for the weekend was to start one of the scarves that I plan on gifting at xmas. I knew it was going to be a problem... a new kind of string, and a new kind of stitch... Who knows what chaos would ensue?!

Only thing for it was to go ahead and start. So I did.

"Gauge" always gives me a problem, so I automatically added a few stitches to make it big enough. The instructions said 8 inches and I had 8½, all is going well!

I worked for an hour, but with increasing trepidation. My stitches were -- somehow -- getting tighter. And it was _twisting_. And finally it was so warped I had to stop. I got out my measuring tape: It may have started out at over 8 inches wide, but the newest rows were less than 6 inches wide!


I have done so many little dish cloths, and they turn out perfectly. And now I want to do something serious, and it's a disaster!

Try, try, again, right.

And you know... it's a bit humbling. I've been crocheting since January, and I am _still_ having problems with tension and keeping things straight.

My next attempt, I am consciously trying to keep things loose and straight. And I've decided Maybe I don't need to give away my first scarf. Maybe I'll keep the first scarf and see if the second scarf is any good!

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